The journey home is always exciting and accompanied by fond memories. Tropical weather, hospitable people and the gentle pace of life set the stage for coming home to Ananta Living.

Every home narrates many tales of heart-warming anecdotes filled with love, laughter and friendship. Such is the feeling of coming back home and it remains forever close to our hearts.

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Builtech has served clients with happiness and satisfaction for many years. Today, Ananta epitomizes our most treasured endeavour. A synergy of like minded people, to create something that is very close to the hearts of the senior members of our society. This project had been in the making for 10 years, requiring a visionary approach that understood the lifestyle and requirements of the elderly community. With time, Ananta’s blueprint took shape and we began the journey to accomplish this project."

Founder Mr. Rajan
and Ar. Nithin Rajan

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Ananta Living - Ecological awareness

Ananta Living strictly adheres to maximising ecological awareness and sustainability inside its premises. A small cattle farm along with an organic farm, which includes native flora and ayurvedic plants further enhance Ananta’s nurturing environment. Maintenance of a plastic-free zone and other practices such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, sewage treatment, water treatment and utilisation of solar energy also facilitate Ananta’s ecosystem.

Green and open spaces

70% Green and open spaces

30% Building Foot print

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